Don’t Believe the Myths of Aging

Living in a culture that treasures youth, it has, conversely, created a number of myths about aging that simply aren’t true, or don’t have to be true. These myths and antiquated beliefs are everywhere in the media so it can be difficult to shrug them off. However, if we’re lucky, we all grow old, and so putting an end to these myths helps everyone.

    • I’m going to get lonely when I get old. There are many ways seniors can stay active, whether it’s within the community, within their family, or among their friends. Services exist to help transport seniors to places of worship, to events, appointments, etc. Staying engaged socially should be a top priority for the senior, and friends, family and volunteers can help out.
    • Now that I’m retired, I’m going to be unproductive and lazy. Seniors are in a wonderful position to not only assist with grandchildren, but to also help out the community through volunteer work. Staying busy makes a huge impact on the senior’s state of mind, and the betterment of society as a whole.
    • It’s so depressing getting old. The truth of the matter is those who tend to be grumpy in their younger years, will likely be grouchy as they age. And those who are more content and happy when they’re young will remain that way when they grow older. Unhappiness is more a matter of the individual than it is an age group.
    • I’m going to lose my creativity as I get older. Actually, there are plenty of artists who were “late bloomers,” including Van Gogh, Leonard Cohen, Robert Frost, and many others.
  • I’m not going to be able to adapt well as I get older. When someone becomes a senior, they have already lived through countless transitions in their lives, making them a veteran of adaptability. There is simply nothing about the act of aging that erases the ability for humans to adapt.

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