How To Save $$$ On Your Home Energy Bills

Everyone is looking to save money, and if you can save energy on top of it, that’s just a bonus! Seniors, especially, need to make their dollar stretch as far as it can, so these tips are designed to help seniors (and others) save on their home energy bills and feel good in the process.

  • Give your thermostat a break! In the winter, turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees, and in the summer, turn it up a little bit. Wear season-appropriate clothing (like sweaters in the winter). This tiny fluctuation in temperature will help you save energy and money.
  • Turn all of your electronics off if they’re not in use. Appliances, too! Unplug the toaster, unplug the radio and TV, unplug the computer. Even when something is plugged in, it’s using energy.
  • Only turn on the light in the room you’re in. Although it might be nice to walk into a pre-lit room like your bedroom, it’s certainly a waste of money and resources to have a light on in a room that nobody is using.
  • Don’t use the washing machine or dishwasher unless you have a full load. These appliances use a lot of energy, and if you save up for when you can maximize their use, you’ll save money.
  • Place your water temperature at 120 degrees on the water heater.
  • Instead of using a blow drier to dry your hair every single day, why not let it air dry? It’s not only good on your wallet; it’s good on your hair, too.
  • Make sure your appliances get regular maintenance checkups. These checkups are much more cost-effective than replacing the entire appliance.
  • Don’t let water run if you’re not using it such as when you’re washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or showering.

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