When Should You Start Considering In-Home Senior Care?

Parents take care of their children when they are young, and then when parents get older, the favor is returned. While children do everything they can to help their aging parents, there comes a time when their own lives get in the way of true quality assistance, and it’s time to start considering in-home senior care.

Signs a Senior Is Ready for In-Home Senior Care Services

  • The senior is struggling with life in general. It could be that their spouse just died, or they are lonely in the home and find it difficult to connect with friends. There are three major areas where people struggle as they age and these are mentally, physically, and emotionally. Physical challenges include limited mobility, and loss of control of bodily functions. Mental challenges include memory issues including the onset of dementia, and emotionally they might be dealing with depression.
  • The main caregiver feels stressed and overwhelmed. Usually, the first caregiver to an aging senior is one of their children. But it’s likely that this person is part of the sandwich generation – that is, they are caring for their own children, and aging parent(s). The overwhelming exhaustion of both of these duties can be too much. If it starts eroding at the quality of the relationship between parent and child, it’s best to start looking at in-home care giving.
  • You worry about them when you’re not there. As the main caregiver, you think about them and worry about them when you aren’t there to help. Did they leave the stove burner on? Did they take their medication? Will they get up in the middle of the night and walk out the door because they are confused? This is another sign that in-home care giving might be of great help.
  • The senior is simply too far away. Families are often spread across the country, thousands of miles away from each other. The senior might not have any caregiver at all in place, but as their child you keep in contact with them via Skype, phone calls, etc. This might not be enough, and in-home senior care services in Grafton might just be the answer to bridge that gap.

Always Best Care has been in the business of providing quality in-home senior care services since 1996. With locations all over the country, they employ skilled and highly-qualified caregivers. If you live in the Grafton area and are interested in receiving in-home senior care services in Grafton, or information about Alzheimer’s care in Lorain, you can call the Always Best Care Grafton location at 440-791-7177 to set up a free consultation.


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