Fire Safety & Seniors

Every year, especially during the fall and winter months, people succumb to smoke inhalation and fires in their homes. The main reason for this is because heating equipment is being used and holiday lights and decorations are also being used, increasing the possibility of an electrical fire. While winter and fall are the most common times for fire injuries and fatalities, it’s good to brush up on fire safety tips beforehand. Seniors, especially, are at risk for a number of reasons including possible limited mobility, decreased hearing, medication induced sleep, confusion caused by dementia, and a number of other factors.

  • The very best thing you can do to keep fire at bay in your home is to regularly check your smoke detectors. Replace the batteries twice annually, or get someone to do it for you if you can’t reach.
  • Put a protective screen on your fireplace so that errant sparks don’t catch carpeting or upholstery on fire. Use battery operated candles instead of flame candles for the same reason.
  • If you’re cooking, never leave the kitchen while you have something on the stove. Grease fires can be deadly, and most fires start in the kitchen. Don’t let your hair or clothes hang near the burners, either.
  • If you must smoke, then smoke outside, not inside. And never, ever smoke in bed. Never let anyone else smoke in your house either, place an ashtray outside – even in the winter – if you have friends that smoke.
  • For seniors especially, living in a ranch or one-story home is ideal in case there is a fire. This way, you won’t be trapped helpless on the second floor if a fire breaks out.
  • Practice escape routes with friends and family for every room, so if a fire does happen, you and everyone else in the house will know exactly how to proceed safely.
  • Keep space heaters away from all upholstery so it won’t catch fire. It’s also a good idea to have carbon dioxide detectors present.

If you live in the Greater Cleveland area and you are interested in receiving in-home health care in Lorain County, or if you’re interested in other options surrounding senior care services in Lorain, call the Always Best Care Grafton location at 440-791-7177 to set up a free consultation. With 20 years of experience, Always Best Care has one of the most trusted names in senior care giving.


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