Be Aware of these Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Being able to hear is one of the great joys in life. A newborn’s first cry, “I do” upon getting married, a friend’s laughter – they are all music to the ears. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our hearing tends to diminish and it can begin as early as our 30’s. However, a full one-third of seniors 65 and over suffers from some level of hearing loss. What are the symptoms?

  1. Nobody can discern what people next to them are saying at a rock concert, or at a dance club, however, if you find it difficult to understand someone sitting next to you at the Sunday family dinner, you might have a hearing problem. Regardless of your environment, if you are finding it difficult to make out what people are saying, you might be suffering from nerve damage to the inner ear, which, in turn causes hearing loss.
  2. Are you constantly asking friends and family to repeat what they’ve just said? Sure, we all do it sometimes, but if you find yourself constantly asking, “What was that?” “Come again?” “A little louder?” then you might just have a hearing problem.
  3. Do you need to turn up the volume on everything you own including the television, radio, and computer? If people around you are telling you that these items are set at way too high a volume level, you might consider seeing your doctor.
  4. Does everything sound muffled to you? If everything seems much softer than it used to, see your doctor to make sure it isn’t an ear infection or possibly wax buildup – and if it’s not, hearing loss might be the culprit.
  5. You don’t want to talk to people for fear of not being able to hear or understand what they’re saying. People with hearing loss often feel anxious and sad because of what’s happening with them and avoid talking to people altogether.

If you find yourself with any of these symptoms, see your doctor for a full examination and the options available to you.
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