Create Your Family’s Legacy with These Fun Projects

Legacies don’t have to be just about money. In fact, real family legacies hold a certain charm and appeal that money can never have, they are the perfect avenues to leave the younger generation a piece of the older generation. They teach them what their grandparents and other ancestors were like, and impart their wisdom all at the same time.

Most everyone has some family legacy whether it’s your great grandmother’s china or silverware, a handmade quilt or doll, or maybe a vase or a mirror that has been in the family for a hundred years. Below are family legacies that you can create now. They are fun, they can involve multiple generations, and they can be handed down to the next generation with pride.

  • Make a recording. Whether it’s an audio or video recording, you can capture your parents and/or grandparents together to record family history. Consider creating an “interview” type of questionnaire for them to answer on film. Questions like where they were born, where they grew up, their most memorable childhood and adulthood moments, and any wisdom they’d like to impart to future generations can be included.
  • Bundle family recipes. Cooking is an activity that truly bonds people. Whether it’s between family or friends, people who cook together stay together and something that many family’s are proud of is their collection of family recipes. Ask your mother and/or grandmother (and father and/or grandfather) to transcribe recipes onto vintage-looking recipe cards. If they are unable to write them out, ask them for the information and do it yourself. These recipes can be made into books to give to teen grandchildren, or as a wedding gift.
  • Create a time capsule. What better way for future generations to really know what life was like today than by putting mementoes into a time capsule? If you choose a date in the distant future for it to be opened, make sure you leave detailed instructions on passing ownership along and the open date. Include items like pictures, favorite books (and recipes!), small articles of clothing, journal entries, postage stamps, and your family tree.

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